Kuruvinalunnel Tharavadu


We Louis & Clary Welcome you to our Home

Kuruvinakunnel Tharavadu

Mankind has this propensity to drift through life in blissful ignorance of some of the precious gifts bestowed on him by God. Perhaps this penchant gave birth to the expression - 'count your blessings!' One such blessing is the warmth of belonging to a 'Family'. We belong to the Kuruvinakunnel family and are indeed blessed by the grace of the almighty God and take pride that we are able to trace our roots way back through the ages, back through centuries. Our ancient acestors were agriculturists and the land they cultivated were not the backyards around the houses or the fields nearby. They trekked into the mountanious jungles, venturing into the wilderness of the western ghats in perennial search of more land to cultivate pepper. The house has seen so many generations of our family, and each nook and corner of the house has a story to tell.